Friday, April 18, 2014

Good Friday on Everyday

Ultimate trust in my Ultimate God
creates a continuous Source of hopeful-happiness. 
I climb in confident contemplations, in the correct 
direction: on transcendent path of righteousness.

Ultimate trust in the Son of God
creates a continuous Source of spiritual meekness.
“For He so loved the world, He sacrificed His only Son,
 and forged a God-Fearing appreciation
of thankfulness –my soul granted forgiveness.

Ultimate trust in the hereafter with God
creates an eternal happiness of heavenliness,
family reunions of soulfulness, spiritual 
communions of ultimate togetherness. These 
thoughts I think now, (as “every day is Good 
Friday”), about God and Jesus in my Ultimate 

James A. Porter  

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Pope Francis, a True World Hero

I am afraid for Pope Francis:
He is honest, compassionate, emphatic,
articulate, outspoken, open-minded, and
a genuine religious and spiritual leader. He is

loved by the masses,
trusted by the masses,
listened to and followed by the masses; and
believed and admired by the masses.

He speaks out in defense of the poor and the disenfranchised in Third World Countries. In his speeches, he draws attention to the widening gap between the rich and the poor – especially in South America and Africa. Furthermore, concerning the poor, he points out the exploitations, the genocides, the ravishing of their natural resources, and their displacements (removal from their lands) in these continents by the most powerful corporations/countries in the world.

He speaks out against political and social misconducts, money laundering, and corrupt banking practices throughout the world, including Vatican City. He speaks out against rape and abuse of children, and the need for investigation and reform in the Catholic Church.

Pope Francis life is in danger because he encourages the citizens of the world to embrace to live lives and to act in accordance with God-fearing, Christian values. He encourages all citizens to be honest, and to have empathy for the sick, the meek, and the poor.

These reasons that I’ve listed above make Pope Francis “the most dangerous threat to the biggest and most powerful corporations in the current global economy!” It also makes him the leader in the world I respect and admire – more than any other! He is my hero.

James A. Porter

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Malaysia Airline Flight MH370

When lives are lost at sea:
vanishing, vengefully from the palms of a Merciful God,
world nations prospect evil nuggets
in the oceans’ floor of Gehenna, wondering
“Does the Prince of Darkness knows
the black boxes whereabouts in these depths
of his domain?”

But all answers depends on the perspectives
from which they’re viewed.

My line of observation keeps me wondering “Why,
I keep looking up and up and up, it the direction opposite to the world nations’ searches?"    Confident that during my meditative and contemplative journeys up to the Heavens, I will carefully sifted-out the nuggets of truth from the tiny spiritual streams of thought.

For it is here – in the upward journey, where
the deeper I travel the clearer objects appears
that all precious gems are forever blessed and resurrected
eternally by Truth.

James A. Porter

Monday, July 15, 2013

Trayvon Martin

The jury read the verdict: “Not guilty!”
And the Judge (unintentionally) smiled.

Then the lawyers polled the jurors:
“Not guilty!” said the first jurist.
And the Judge’s (unintentional) smile – appeared wider. 
“Not guilty!” said the second jurist.
And the Judge’s (unintentional-wide) smile – appeared wider.
“Not guilty!” said the third jurist.
And the Judge, whose unintentional-wide smile became wider than ever before, (unintentionally) leaned forward, towards the jury, and (unintentionally) nodded her head in agreement with their verdict.

She (the judge) seemed relieved: Judge, jury, and executioner (George Zimmerman) had acted in concert with the laws in Florida. They had demonstrated that they were all on the same page. The status quo remained preserved. The laws, customs, and courtesies in Sanford, Florida remained intact. Moreover, the message concerning the treatments of African-Americans was reinforced – loud and clear: “Stand your ground” laws is the modern day version of lynching; it allows Americans who conceal their burning crosses and their white hoods to kill black children for simply trying to walk home.   
     George Zimmerman did not act alone. He acted in concert with everyone who created the system that enabled him to do what he did: He profiled, stalked, and killed a kid because he was black. It is scary to hear the argument that “Zimmerman did what the law intended.” Because if this true, the “fine, upstanding, law abiding, God-fearing Christians of Florida are Zimmerman’s accomplice. And they will forever have Trayvon Martin’s blood on their hands. Thank God!!!

James A. Porter

Friday, June 21, 2013

American Centrist: A Synonym for a Well-Informed American

     I am called a Centrist or a citizen who feels no allegiance to any of the extreme political parties. Leaders also use the word Centrist because by definition it means “a member of a center party whose political views are centered between the liberal (extreme left) view and the conservative (extreme right) view.” While it is true that there are Centrist Parties that fit this description, essentially all of them exist in other countries through the world. So why is the term Centrist so popular in the United States?
     It is popular because most of the time the word Centrist is use in the United States it is used connotatively to imply “These are the undecided people who can’t make-up their minds,” or “These are the citizens without a strong ideology;” or “These are the voters who are afraid of the policies to the extreme left and the extreme right of the political spectrum, so they engage in the practice of promoting moderation between these extremes.”  
     While it might be true that they are American Centrists who fit the connotations, my suspicions are that for most American Centrists it is none of the above. Actually, it is probably quite the opposite.
     For example, I, like many other American Centrists, pride myself on being well informed on issues. I actively seek out the best arguments from many parties: In addition to the Democratic and Republican Parties, I seek out the arguments from the Progressive, Libertarian, Green, Tea, and other Parties (and activist groups). Additionally, I try to listen to the discussions and debates by the experts from the academic community on Public Radio, C-SPAN, … and I follow-up by reading research studies, which is easy to do through the use of Internet research centers like ERIC. Further more, I also listen to BBC and other foreign newscasts for the purpose of hearing the debate from the perspectives of foreign experts, which most frequently appear to be more in-depth coverage with less political bias. As a result of cumulative sum of the knowledge gained from these wide arrays of sources, I have a definite opinion on most issues, a strong ideology, and I am not afraid of the extreme ends of the spectrum. In fact, all truth be told, there are many issues in which I find myself in complete agreement with the extreme right and others in which I totally agree with the extreme left. For example, I am 100% in favor of a strong military defense that includes a well funded and modernized military (a position that is supported by the Extreme Right). At the same time I am 100 percent in favor of universal health care (a position that is supported by the Extreme Left).      
     What I have come to realize through these thorough investigations of issues is that the complete answers to the challenges facing our nation do not reside within one party. Instead, within each party, there are segments of the answers that should be selected for constructing the best solutions to the challenges facing our nation. This realization makes it impossible for me to commit to any party, who demands that I completely embrace their stance on issues – in spite of the fact that I am clearly aware that portions of their stance are wrong!  I cannot commit to the Republican Party or Democratic Party, for I find neither party completely right or completely wrong on most issues. They are only completely un-cooperative with each other and everyone else! And their lack of cooperation, in my judgment, is the major issue!
      So until Americans begin to assertively search for the truths and act in accordance with the truth, we will remain a nation of gridlock. In the mean time I will continue to encourage my fellow citizens to do their own independent research and strive to become well informed, like us American Centrists.

James A. Porter

Sunday, November 25, 2012

One "Christian Nation" Under God?

     I am always amazed by the fact that although we call ourselves “a Christian Nation” and we boast about the fact that we have more churches in the United States than any other country in the world, the teachings of God, the Father, and His Son, Christ Jesus, do not apparent play any role in our policy decisions. Our actions suggest that we do not ask ourselves questions like “What grade would Jesus, who knows what’s honestly in our hearts, give us for the policy decisions we’ve just made?” “Are my policy decisions in accordance with His teachings?” “Is my conduct in compliance with the example He modeled on Earth? And, am I writing and passing legislations that are in the true spirit of His principles (cited in His Bible), which we have incorporated into the two most important documents in our nation – The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution of the United States?

     In fact it appears to be quite the opposite: Our decision-makings are so far afield of His teachings that they would probably put us in good standing with the other guy – Satin. Moreover, what I find to be even more amazing is the fact that organizations, like the Republican Party, which claim to be the beacons of Christian values and morality, are the worst offenders. Their anti-Christian policies, which are becoming more frequent, are increasingly producing more severe consequences: Reductions in real wages; reductions in the size of the middle class; increases in the number of people living below the poverty line; and deregulations of civil rights, workers’ rights, gender rights, and individual rights.

     Currently, it appears that the republicans are winning all the social and economic battles. They won the battle concerning “no new taxes.” They won the battle concerning the topics and the framing of the economic debates. And most significantly, they won the battle concerning spending cuts: they forced our country to make deep cuts to badly needed social and education programs, while refusing to make any cuts in defense spending, for weapon systems the Pentagon neither wanted or needed.

     On the surface it appears that the republicans won the economic debates because their economic ideologies were better and more effective than those of the democrats. I don’t believe this is true, but even if I did, there is one inescapable fact that all honest God-fearing Christians cannot overlook: Jesus would never cut entitlements, because He knows that cutting entitlements make the poor poorer. This means that death from poverty and other conditions in poverty-stricken neighborhoods increases. God knows that cutting entitlements is literally a death sentence for the poorest Americans. And the majority of poor Americans are children. God knows that the deeper the cuts, the more children you sentence to death.
     Cutting entitlements or social programs that help “Americans in need” might be a good strategy for minimizing the tax cuts for corporations and wealth Americans. It might appease the Republican-Tea Party, but let there be no doubt in anyone’s mind, agreeing to these actions makes you and I and every American conspirators in what has already become “the biggest mass genocide of Americans by Americans – And most of the victims are children!!!!!!

  God help us!!!         

James A. Porter


Thursday, November 22, 2012


It’s “the day” of the year
when we compress
what should have been
our way of life, or
the manner in which
we treated family, friends – strangers,
on every day, before this
momentous day we call

It should be the day of the year
along with the day on which
our God was born 
that serves as the barometer
by which we should evaluate
our future lifetime perspectives
concerning family, friends, thankfulness,
and our actions in accordance with the teaching of our God!

There was a time when Americans actually
took time to gave thanks,
and took time to break bread,
and care for family, friends, neighbors – and strangers every day.

It felt like we were ascending
steadily climbing up on our way
to become “the shinning city on the hill.”

Beginning on this Thanksgiving,
I hope we make it our goal
to start ascending, once again,
to “the shinning city on the hill.”


James A. Porter